Rules and Dates

Here are the rules to follow when nominating stories:

1. Chapters must have less than 1000 words (We will be averaging the word counts to determine this. For example: If your story has 32 chapters and 22,000 words, your average word count per chapter is 687.5)
2. Stories must have 2000 reviews or less
3. Stories must be posted to
4. In order for nominations to be valid, the following information needs to be included in your nominations: Story and Author Name as well as a link to the story. 
5. Award validators (theonlykyla, reyes139, and lvtwilight09) stories are not eligible for nomination

Here are the important dates for the awards:

Nominations are from Nov. 1 through Nov. 15
Voting will be from Nov. 17 through Nov. 26
Winners will be announced on Nov. 28